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  • Learn-by-doing angel funds, like Rising Tide Fund

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ElderSense.com Just Started

Our two revenue streams are: Subscriptions for those seeking caregivers. We allow care seekers and caregivers to bypa...


Portfolia lets connected consumers and influencers invest in entrepreneurial companies, teams and products they want to ...

UnaliWear Successful

After previous startups sold to Texas Instruments and Apple, I started LifeAssist because my mother is 80, and she isn’t...

Rising Tide Fund

The Rising Tide Fund allows women to invest in a micro-venture fund, with small stakes; deepen their knowledge/expertise...


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Discover extraordinary new companies in your area of expertise or personal interest, with lead investors and set terms.

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Meet the entrepreneurs on-line or by phone, gauge their experience, and delve into the market, products and competitors. 

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Become a more confident investor by joining an investor fund alongside your friends, family and people you trust.

Step 4 Add Value

Add value by engaging your networks, providing competitive intelligence and helping the team capture markets.  When we green-light companies we believe in, we all win together.