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Rising Tide Fund

The Rising Tide Fund allows women to invest in a micro-venture fund, with small stakes; deepen their knowledge/expertise...


Portfolia lets connected consumers and influencers invest in entrepreneurial companies, teams and products they want to ...

Hip Chick Farms

Hip Chick Farms is providing ultra-convenient, parent-trusted and kid-approved Organic and Natural Chicken Fingers, Chic...

Appiom, Inc.

This is Appiom. A breakthrough, must-have solution to one of the fastest growing problems facing parents today. If yo...


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Discover extraordinary new companies in your area of expertise or personal interest, with lead investors and set terms.

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Meet the entrepreneurs on-line or by phone, gauge their experience, and delve into the market, products and competitors. 

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Become a more confident investor by joining an investor fund alongside your friends, family and people you trust.

Step 4 Add Value

Add value by engaging your networks, providing competitive intelligence and helping the team capture markets.  When we green-light companies we believe in, we all win together.