Welcome To Portfolia.  New Funds Forming in Women's Health, SAAS, Active Aging, IOT and Organics.

                                                           Welcome to Portfolia.  New funds forming in Active Aging, Women's Health, SAAS and Organics. 

Innovative Entrepreneurs

The Portfolia community scouts out the most interesting entrepreneurs creating the most exciting young companies.  We look for companies and teams that understand the importance of connecting with customers early—to get feedback on products and services, to share the company story with friends and colleagues, and to provide growth capital by investing in the company.  Most importantly, we look for teams that have the expertise and commitment to deliver on their vision.

Savvy Supporters

We also scout out the ideal advisors and backers for Portfolia companies.  The savvy consumers who know the products they like and see the gaps in the market.  The social connectors who share their views with hundreds of others like themselves.  The respected professionals and opinion leaders, from the CEO to the school principal, who understand the needs in their communities.   And those who invest, from $1,000 to $100,000, because they believe in backing entrepreneurial teams, with great products and important visions.