What makes Portfolia different? Portfolia is an inclusive online venture investing platform designed for women. We focus on consumer-facing tech, products and platforms. Portfolia investors are industry opinion leaders and market-makers, as well as experienced investors. Portfolia has the highest percentage of women investors of any online equity platform in the world, leveraging the viral social networks and early adopter status of our sophisticated opinion leaders.

All companies listing on Portfolia must  meet the following requirements:

Fundraising Criteria includes:
  • US-based C-Corp
  • Experienced Team
  • Large and Growing Market
  • Unique Product or Service, in the market or a working beta
  • Capital Efficient
  • High Probability of Outsized Return
To begin the Portfolia Investment Review Process:
  •  Submit your company by registering below and filling out the Basic Company information on the Profile page, including financials and lead investor
  • Upload a PDF of your funding deck on the company profile
We'll review your company information and provide feedback and/or contact you for a video appointment.


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